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This page shows the log files of each game. Because of IRC color codes, it is best viewed within an IRC client, so it's best to download the file into the IRC client's directory that stores log files, and then use the client's log file viewer.

The host modifies log files to remove information about the players, players' misbehavior, and script test information.

The following are the log files for each game session: Be sure to use your browser's back button to get back to this page. Further, these links will not open in a new window.

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Game format and questions written by me are copyright 2017-2023 by Jeremy Adderley. Feel free to use the game's format and questions as long as no money exchanges hands. Please give credit. Questions written by others properly credited in the answers. Please send an e-mail to request permission and/or make payment(s) for their use when it involves money.

I do not talk about the questions with anyone that I feel may end up playing the game, especially my wife, whose name won't appear here for privacy reasons.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists: newsletter and notify. They're separate just in case a person only wants one. The newsletter contains a summary of the game, the scores of everyone who played, corrections to scores, updates to the game, and a high score list. The notify list announces the time for the next game; however, the most important aspect is asking three random questions the day before the game session. Answering these three questions before the game officially starts will earn points.

There is a page on Facebook about the game, and I post when the next game will be and updates to the site/game.

Privacy Policy

The only purpose for collecting email addresses is for sending newsletters and announcements for the next game. They are not sold in any form. Any real names collected will not appear on this site, unless they contributed something that deserves credit.