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Next game: Thursday, August 9, at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern.

Welcome to LDS Trivia and Puzzles, a game that takes place on IRC at designated times, usually Sunday nights. The main focus of the game is trivia, but there are puzzles and word scrambles. More information about the game rules are on a different page.

For those that don't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and there are many IRC networks, but the IRC network the game is on is DALnet. It was on the network for the first iteration, and it allows users to register nicknames. Instructions for registering nicknames are on DALnet's web site itself. It takes place in channel #lds_trivia and can last about three hours. Accessing the IRC network can be easy or hard, depending on the user's computer experience, so instructions are on its own page.

The game is configured so that a human must host it, because there are many trivia scripts out there that require matching answers in order for it to be correct. This game is configured so that exact wording and spelling is not required to get a correct answer, but correct spelling may earn bonus points.

Players solve puzzles hangman style and word scrambles in addition to answering trivia questions. The scrambles aren't meant to be hard and are used to determine who gets control. The player in control determines the category and level the next question will be. The main part of the game is the trivia.

This site has the following pages with a brief explanation:

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It's not possible to subscribe to the newsletters for reasons I don't know. When that is fixed, I'll remove this paragraph. If you can't add yourself, e-mail me with a subject of Subscribe, and I'll manually add you. (You should be able to unsubscribe yourself if you no longer want to be a part of the list.

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So far, all the questions have been written by me, so I'm adding a disclaimer that I do not talk about the questions with anyone that I feel may end up playing the game, especially my wife. This is so they can play, and other players don't feel those people have an edge over them.

Mailing Lists

There is a page on Facebook about the game, and I post when the next game will be and updates to the site/game.

Privacy Policy

E-mail addresses collected will only be used to send the newsletter and inform when the next game will occur. They will not be sold in any form. Any real names collected will not appear on this site, unless they contributed something that deserves credit, like sending me a question. The idea is to use nicknames for purposes of high scores and other information shown on the stats page.