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Okay, bear with me on this. This is going to sound complicated, but it shouldn't be. Please feel free to read the instructions in full before following them. The reason is to help choose a method that's easiest. Further, it's recommended to to register the nickname you want to use. This prevents other people from using the nickname you chose. Go to DALnet's web site for more details. (Frankly, if someone else uses your nickname, that nickname's score on the high score list will go up.) There are currently three methods to get on IRC, and I'll describe them from easiest to hardest.

Method 1: DALnet's website.
Pros: The fastest and easiest way to connect to the channel.
Cons: The server that's connected to is random, and the user cannot manually change it. If a player is not on the same server as the host, lag times go up, which means text going back and forth may take longer to get there.

  1. Go to DALnet's web site. (The link will open in a new window.)
  2. Look on the right side of the page that says "Chat Now" and choose a nickname. If the nickname is registered, it won't say until connecting to the server.
  3. Change the channel text to #lds_trivia. The pound sign (#) is necessary.
  4. Click Go!

An IRC-style interface will show, and it will attempt to connect to their network. This is where it is necessary to read the text that comes, because it will tell you if you are using a registered nickname, and it will change your nickname if not changed. Frankly, a nickname of Guest and a number is probably not a good nickname to use. Anyway, to manually change the nickname, just type "/nick <nickname>" in any window's text box without the quotes and replacing <nickname> with a nickname chosen.

Method 2: Android App (and maybe iPhones)
Pros: Ability to manually tell the app which server to connect, which greatly reduces lag time.
Con: Requires download of an app. The screen may be too small, so a question may not fully show on the screen without scrolling. This takes time to scroll up instead of thinking to answer questions and follow prompts. Learning to use a new app. An icon appears while connected that may annoy users, but there's an option in the app to exit, and that clears the icon from notifications.

  1. Go to Google Store (or Apple Store) on your phone. (No link provided.)
  2. Do a search for IRC clients or type "AndroIRC" for what to search. I use AndroIRC for script testing and to find a way for people using a phone to connect. The main disadvantage of the app, other than minimal ads, is that an icon will display in notifications, even when not connected to a server, but exiting the app will remove the icon. (As for iPhones, I don't know which app to use, because I don't have an iPhone. Just do a search for "IRC clients" without the quotes. Read reviews and read features, and select one.)
  3. Once a client has been chosen, download it and install it.
  4. Once downloaded and installed, open the app.
    (Note: the following instructions are for AndroIRC. I don't know about IRC clients for iPhones.)
  5. Look through the settings menu. This is done by selecting the three dots in the upper right corner. The icon may differ slightly but should be in that corner.
  6. Go to nickname settings first. Choose the first option to enter a nickname and then press OK.
  7. Next, choose Alternative. Enter a second nickname that's different than the first and then press OK. (This is used just in case the first nickname is already connected.)
  8. Ident can be changed if desired. It shows up when entering a channel and when someone does a whois. The option can be left alone or changed to the already chosen nickname.
  9. Choose Real Name if wishing to put a real name. Only the first name can be entered. This is not easily shown. In fact, I don't know how someone can get this, but the default is sufficient.
  10. These settings are done, so go back to the main setting window by pressing the left arrow in the upper right of the screen.
  11. This time, choose Servers. This will show a list of networks to connect. DALnet will not be listed, so it can be created.
  12. Choose icon on upper right to get a menu with only one option: New Server. Choose it.
  13. Choose Name and enter "DALnet" as the name without the quotes.
  14. Next, choose Address and enter "bifrost.dal.net" without the quotes. This is the server I use, and I hope to update this part if it changes. When connecting to the server I use, the lag is minimal, if any. This is a good thing.
  15. The next setting to look at requires a scroll. It's a preference thing, so these settings are optional. Auto-connect allows a connection to the server when the app opens. Auto-join channels automatically open specific channels when connected to the server.
  16. The next option is Authentication. This option is for use after registering a nickname on DALnet. It's suggested to go to DALnet's web site for more information on registering a nickname. This enables the next three options. Enter the registered nickname in NickServ nickname, and then enter the password used when registering the nickname. This allows automatic confirmation the nickname is yours when signing to the server.
  17. Press the left arrow on the upper left screen twice to get back main settings.
  18. A list of servers will be shown. Choose the server just created: DALnet. The screen will show something along the lines of no channels in the list. Touch the icon on the upper right of the screen to display a menu that has one option: Add a channel.
  19. Enter "#lds_trivia" in the dialog box without quotes and press OK.
  20. Choose the left arrow on the upper left side of the screen three times to go back to the main screen.
  21. Choose the plus icon next to the menu icon to display a list of servers to connect. Choose the one that was just created, DALnet, and it should connect to the server.
  22. Once connected to the server, another window will show with the channel name. Go to the Status window and read the text that shows. The main one to look for is at the end where it says the nickname used is registered and to change it, or it will change it automatically.

The other settings are up to individuals. If it's not known which settings to change, just leave it alone.

(If someone knows how to use an IRC client from Apple Store, please write instructions on which app and what to do to configure it., and then e-mail it to me to post here.)

Method 3: IRC Client for PC's
Pros: More settings available and download of scripts to add other features, depending on client.
Cons: Another app to learn.

There are many IRC clients out there. Some are free; others are shareware. I use mIRC as a client, because it has a way to create scripts to add features to the client. Without that, I wouldn't be able to host this game. This client has a 30-day trial and a $20 registration fee after the 30-day trial. I think it's worth the money, but that is up to the individual. If those terms aren't good, just do a search for "IRC clients" without the quotes and look to see which app to use. The following instructions are for mIRC, but it shouldn't be too different among the clients.

  1. Go to Options. The second icon from the left is Options, or it's under Tools menu.
  2. If not there, click Connect.
  3. Fill in the text boxes. The real name and e-mail address does not display to others easily. I don't know how to get that information from other users.
  4. Look at the options and check and de-check options, but go to Retry and then decheck the bottom option: Try next server in group.
  5. Click IRC option on the left. Look at the options and check and de-check as desired.
  6. Next, click on Logging. I recommend leaving it enabled. The reason for this is to record all conversations in case they may be needed. (The game is logged and displayed on this site.)
  7. Look through other options and make changes as desired. If it's not known what the setting does, leave it alone.
  8. Click Okay to close options and save changes.
  9. Type "/server bifrost.dal.net" in the text box below the status window without the quotes.
  10. After connecting to the server, type "/join #lds_trivia" without the quotes.

When ChanServ changes the topic to some kind of message about when the next game is and takes away op status, it's the right place. After connected, look at the status window to see if the nickname is registered and then type "/nick <new nickname>" to change it without the quotes. Failure to do so may result in an automatic nickname change.

Other ways to connect to the game will be shown later once they are known. Any questions or problems, please e-mail me. Be sure to tell me what is being done, what method is being used, and what the problem is. Please be specific and detailed; otherwise, it will be difficult to help.

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So far, all the questions have been written by me, so I'm adding a disclaimer that I do not talk about the questions with anyone that I feel may end up playing the game, especially my wife. This is so they can play, and other players don't feel those people have an edge over them.

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