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This page will show the stats of each game and high scores. When the same nickname plays multiple sessions, their scores will be added together to form overall high scores.

Each game has its own stats stored in an INI file. The file is divided into sections, written in order of selection in the game but shown here alphabetically:

Each game session's INI file is shown below: Because these are considered internal links, these files will not open in a new window.

Individual High Scores

The high scores for one game are shown below:

  1. UtahLizard -- 51,680 (includes 5,000 from bonus round)
  2. _meh -- 46,915
  3. Royal_Jelly -- 40,505 -- 30 of 60 for 50%
  4. Royal_Jelly -- 29,375 (incomplete game)
  5. IBB -- 21,190 -- 22 of 60 for 36.67% (non-member and late)

Non-member and late are brought up, because it can effect the number of questions correct and percentage.

Overall High Scores

This high score list is for players that played more than once. Multiple full sessions add together scores and go here. As of right now, no one has played multiple times. Royal_Jelly above does not appear here yet, because one of the games were incomplete.

Question Counts

The following are the number of questions in the database, which is updated periodically. The number of available questions will not be shown as that will take too much time.

The Bible category is Old and New Testaments added together plus questions for the Bible in general.

  1. 473
  2. 801
  3. 191
  4. 946
  5. 92
  6. 104
  7. 87
  8. 91

As shown above, the number of levels three and five to eight are low. These are the questions that are hardest to write. When questions are written, there's no plan to write a certain number for each level. The objective is to go through material and write questions about it as I read the information.

This page last updated on 22 Jul 2018.

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So far, all the questions have been written by me, so I'm adding a disclaimer that I do not talk about the questions with anyone that I feel may end up playing the game, especially my wife. This is so they can play, and other players don't feel those people have an edge over them.

Mailing Lists

There is a page on Facebook about the game, and I post when the next game will be and updates to the site/game.

Privacy Policy

E-mail addresses collected will only be used to send the newsletter and inform when the next game will occur. They will not be sold in any form. Any real names collected will not appear on this site, unless they contributed something that deserves credit, like sending me a question. The idea is to use nicknames for purposes of high scores and other information shown on the stats page.